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 LOGO-L> Number crunching project for Logo students

One exercise I did in college really stuck in my head. It was a microprocessor
board with eight 7 segment LEDs on it.
One project was to program the board (by entering Hex Opcodes) into
a keypad that would move a pattern across the LEDs (like an equal sign).
One argument to one of the opcodes was a counter to count down before moving the
pattern across to the next LED. I started out with number like 64. Ran the program
and every LED showed an "=" sign. Hmmm, must be a bug. Scratched my head for
long time. Then raised the counter to something like 1024. Still all "=" equal
signs. But they looked dimmer. So I raised it to something like 8096 and I could
see the pattern move. This was counting down from 1024 to 0 and moving the equal
symbol to the next position faster than my eye could see. I forget the exact numbers
but it was extremely impressive how fast a computer was and it was impressive
to actually see it. By the way you can do this exercise with MMLogic.

I think some of the fractal examples are have similar powerful effects.

I think some exercises showing the shear power of the computer could be
useful. For example have all the students add 10 numbers on paper and time
themselves. Then have them use Logo and time it (use timemilli in MSWLogo).
When your done you can show the students how much number crunching power one
Logo station has compared to to students using paper.

For example lets say the average is 60 seconds for a student.
And Logo does it in say 0.001 seconds. That's 60/0.001 which equals
60,000 students. Letting the students discover this for themselves
might be a real eye opener for some.

You can also extend this to show them adding more complex numbers
doe not change the timing. I start with say 10 3-digit numbers and
average the time.

Note also for accurate timing you might have to have logo add the
10 numbers say 100 times. Because adding 10 numbers may be below
the resolution of the timer.

George Mills

The www page contains some very powerful educational software.
Our single most important investment is our kids.

Sun, 01 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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