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 Constructivism in the real world

January 9, 2003
Gentlemen, Start Hacking Your Engines

ON a smoggy afternoon on a broad swath of farmland in Bakersfield, Calif.,
Erick Aguilar is about to test years of work. He has brought a black Honda
Civic to the Famoso Dragstrip to race against a small fleet of other
souped-up imports, including tricked-out Mazda RX-7's and scorchingly fast
vintage VW bugs. In the bleachers, a diverse crowd of young men and women
have gathered to compare notes and watch the races, called the Battle of the

Mr. Aguilar lines up with another Civic, and when the light goes green, the
300 horsepower under his hood makes the car rocket off the starting line. It
reaches 60 miles per hour in about three seconds and clears the quarter-mile
in 10.28 seconds, with a top speed of 128 m.p.h.

With the Honda tested and tuned, he disappeared from the garage in a cloud
of tire smoke. "These small cars appeal to a new generation of kids who are
very technologically savvy," Mr. Church said. Although he sees many makes
cars in his shop, he said, Hondas are the most popular among hot rodders
today. "They've always built efficient, high-tech cars,'' he said. "But I
think the real genius was that they designed things to be easy to replace,
easy to modify, and they always leave room in their engines for more power.

Back at Hondata, a clearly pleased Mr. Rascon went over the final numbers
his car with Mr. Macmillan. "My mom says to me, 'Why are you doing this?'
he said. " 'I'm sick and tired of it. Let's go buy you a new 350Z or Lexus
and I'll help you with payments.' "

But Mr. Rascon is sure he does not want a Lexus or a Nissan 350Z. "You get
Lexus or 350Z, and, sure, people will look at you, but that's now what this
is about," he said. "This is about getting into something I built and
{*filter*} a 350Z. That's the best feeling in the world."

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