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 LOGO-L> Logo teacher survey

I received a request to fill out a survey about my use of Logo with my
students and to pass it on.  If you have time, please send the answers to

especially looking for high school teachers.


>Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 16:07:20 -0600 (CST)

>Subject: Re: Request for help

>Dear John,
>My apologies that you did not get all of the information regarding the
>Logo data  request. I am a graduate student at Cardinal Stritch
>University in Milwaukee, WI. I am currently taking a class on Logo,Papert,
>and Piaget. For my research paper, I chose to write about how other
>teachers are using various forms of Logo. I have been having some
>difficulty locating other high school teachers - which is what I am - and
>asked the people at LCSI for some assistance in contacting Logo users.
>They provided me with your name. My husband is the one who originally
>tried to contact you via phone as he does not have access to e-mail. I
>have limited access only at the University, and I don't get here every
>day.Hence, this response is later than you perhaps anticipated, and it is
>the reason my husband tried to reach you by phone. Many thanks for the
>information you sent me.
>> >Listed below are some questions that I am hoping you can provide written
>> >answers to and fax them back to me at the above number or E-Mail answers so
>> >I can include them as documentation.  If you know any other teachers who
>> >would be willing to share their experiences, please give them a copy of
>> >this letter.  I am grateful for any information you are able to provide.

>> >If you have any questions, please call my husband, Pete, at 800-558-5712,
>> >Ext. 4377 or 414-962-4630.  Thank you.  Barbara L. Riebau

>> >1.) What form of LOGO have you used?

>> >2.) How long have you used it?

>> >3.) What type of lessons did you create?

>> >4.) In what grades did you use it?

>> >5.) What results did you achieve?

>> >6.) Was it a positive experience for your students?  Why or why not?

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