Projects for "5th and 6th graders" 
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 Projects for "5th and 6th graders"

Back in August (our system wouldn't post things for a long while),
Lynn Robinson asked about learning material for 5th and 6th graders,
"beginners," "<1 year of Logo."  She mentioned Dan Watt's book, which
I found rich with ideas for work with 10 year-olds and up.

DRIVE, I think it was called (not sure whose it is) worked well.  It
is just a bare-bones structure allowing say one letter like R to swing
the turtle 30 degrees to right, otherwise it plods on ahead.  While
RC? may be esoteric for these children (Lynn, note the Terrapin
command, we used Apple IIs that did fine!), they are stimulated to
EDIT the basic procedure, perhaps only a bit to add keys for Left and
color change, often tho to develop sophisticated improve- ments.  It's
open-ended, a "minimicroworld" perhaps.  I am sure there are many
other such starters.

RC? or KEYP is vital to the fun/success of DRIVE, and I have been
having difficulty using it with the otherwise lovely PD Logos I have
obtained on basis of info provided on comp.lang.logo.

Some other useful ideas:

I have a list of the articles Judi Harris published in several
journals, articles one could draw ideas from.  Examples:

Steps in Writing," with M.{*filter*}teig, The Computing Teacher, Volume 19,
Number 8 (May 1992).

"Pattern Microworlds and Microworld Patterns," Logo Exchange, Volume
10 , Number 2 (Winter 1991-92).

I haven't read all 30 (?) of them, but like the ones I've seen.  One
developed Victor Borge's "inflation" -- where all inputs were
inflated, "you are wonderful" becoming "you are twoderful" etc.  Drop
me a line if you want the list.  - tracy

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