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>The shapes are not limited to 40 * 40 pixels.  If your digital camera image
>is 200 * 400 and you paste that into a shape, that's how big it is.  You
>can still grow or shrink the turtle that carries that shape, but with the
>turtle at it's default size of 40, your shape would be 200 * 400 pixels
>with no distortion.
>It's a big improvement.

 Yes it is, thanks.
 You can download a free demo version from the LCSI site too -- just did and
checked it out. Here's what I found:-

1. the prepackaged shapes, dog etc., do not expand to full screen size
2. imported graphics can be pasted into shapes centre and they do expand to
full screen size, when you use the inbuilt magnifier
3. you can import *.gif files which is another big improvement on version 1,
which only allows *.pcx

Some other observations:-
4. right button click no longer gives you only information about the clicked
object but rather acts like the previous double left button click (I'm not sure
this is an improvement -- since the eye is very convenient)

5. you have to set your screen to 800 x 600, which gives me eyestrain -- I
really don't like this feature at all.

-- Bill


Wed, 26 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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