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Hello Turtlers,

Here are three more uncolored tesselations, all made with the same
program, but with different inputs.

Procedure CLEAN_UP is not related to the drawing, but to the
representation of its output. Run MAIN and see what it is for.

If you need a bigger image, increase the level (it's 12 in the following
program, towards the end of MAIN) at the cost of more time needed to

Try also other numbers for :SIDES.

Note that my program is a recursive one, so it has an expensive
overhead. Change HT with ST and see how much "empty" work the turtle
does. Until George or someone else finds a way to speed-up the execution
- you will need every single Hertz of your processor.

to main              ; tessellations
setpc 3 cs ht
localmake "size 10   ;      constant
type "|How many sides? (3,8,12) |
draw rw 12

to draw :sides :level
if :level<1[stop]
fd :size
rt 180 draw :sides :level-1 rt 180
lt 360/:sides fd :size lt 360/:sides
rt 180 draw :sides :level-1 rt 180
repeat 2[rt 360/:sides bk :size]

to clean_up
pu home pd
setpc 4
arc 360 50       ; Draw a red circle
pu setxy 100 100 pd
repeat 2[setpc 3 fill setpc 0 fill]

Enjoy and investigate,


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Sun, 05 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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