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 Full version of LOGO for PC

One of this days, someone will come up with a drag and drop toolbox
for MSW Logo.  Until then, every user will just have to be a little
bit smarter...maybe a lot smarter.

I suggest searching this archive for Mike Sandy's "polyhedra.lgo".
If you can figure it out in one or two passes, then you're on your
way to becoming a great programmer.

Christian, you could also show off your new programming skills by
doing your project in 3D.  To fancy it up, try using the rotation and
illumination functions that have been contributed by others in this

It really does not take that much longer to cut and paste these
functions into your program as it is to drag and drop.  Besides, if
a turtle bitmap is more enticing than the standard MSW turtle, please
remember that your program will run faster if you hide it.

Also, if you like to show a 3D house in Logo, then look up the
samples in ELICA.  It's free from www.elica.net.  You could also
download an excellent book on MS Logo entitled, "The Great Logo
Adventure" (see my previous post "tgla.zip")

:-)  edwin

> Hi Christian

> Your first impressions about MSW Logo is far from the truth. It is
a very
> powerful version of Logo and though it may lack some of the child-
> features of such implementations of MicroWorlds it lacks none of the
> features that serious programmers might require.

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Sat, 15 May 2004 21:19:59 GMT  
 Full version of LOGO for PC
Why don't you download a free (full) demo version of MicroWorlds,
which you can use for 30 days without paying a penny?  It is a
multimedia version of Logo which has every feature you could possibly
want.  It costs more than $80 on the site if you want to purchase it
for extended use (LCSI charges $99 + $5 shipping), but I can get it
for you at a discount if you contact me off-list ( at

since you are in a rush, you should download the free demo version
and start using it today, even if you want to purchase it soon.

Download it at

(And by the way, MicroWorlds is absolutely my favorite software, as a
former teacher and as a current webmaster.  I built most of my grade
1 - 5 computer curriculum around MicroWorlds.  My students loved it,

Wendy Petti
Math Cats
MicroWorlds in Action

> I was hoping to pay no more than $80 dollars.  ...
> there are only a few weeks left in the class ...
> I sincerely hope some can tell me where I
> can purchase (and download)a full version of LOGO
> for my PC and pay with my credit card.

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Sun, 16 May 2004 22:07:12 GMT  
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