New AJLogo primitives and code for Tuzova/Katz art gallery 
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 New AJLogo primitives and code for Tuzova/Katz art gallery

Hello All,

Here are the new AJLogo primitives and a link to download
the mswlogo code for the Tuzova /Katz art gallery.

New AJLogo primitives at http://www.*-*-*.com/ since 8/28

group   Creates group, may contain other groups.
lgroup, groups, listgroups
ungroup    Subgroups are kept intact. Group members not attached to
the super group (if present).
unregroup  Group members are attached to the super group (if present).
rungroup   Group is recursively decimated, all subgroups are ungrouped
and unattached.

bury    buries methods, variables or groups
lbury, listburied, buried

pop     removes highest index (from the end of array) String array
push    add to end of String array
shift   removes first index (index zero) String array element
unshift adds at beginning of String array

chompS   removes carriage return/line feed if present at end of String
io      String test index of; Reports location of test string
Saeaeq     boolean test String array element at index equals test
SeqSaea    boolean test String equals String array element at index
sw         boolean test String starts with test string
ew         boolean test String ends with test string

fdPolyMod  fill and draw a Polygon Model

The images at:
are quite impressive.
There are two sections one called "Recursive Graphic Designs" and
another called "Logo Art Gallery".
The mswlogo code is available from the site for the art gallery, but
it is not ready-to-run. There are two files available, one is a set
of library additions, and another contains the 32 .lgo programs, both
of which needs to be split into pieces.  This is what I have
done, creating a single zip file with two directories with their
respective library and program files (I've included the original files
and placed everything in an outer directory). The ready-to-unzip
package with the ready-to-run files is at:

Look for some of these programs to be ported to AJLogo ( with slider
interactivity, anti-aliased lines and alpha transparency).

Does anyone know if the logo code for the "Recursive Graphic Designs"
are available?


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Wed, 23 Feb 2005 12:17:39 GMT  
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