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 LOGO-L> PC-LOGO syntax in MSWLogo


We have a book about LOGO in Luxembourg that was written using PC-LOGO. Now as
MSWlogo offers the same and is freeware, I thought that it might be better for
them to use it instead of PC-LOGO. That way they have the possibility to use it
for free at home too.

The only problem is that the exercises in the book relay on some commands that
have either different names (i.e. setpencol), different syntax (i.e. erase) or
different name and systax (i.e. printout).

To "emulate" the first one there is no problem, the following does the job:
to setpencol :colorvector
  setpc :colorvector
bury "setpencol

But for the two other there is a problem, because a call like
to blabla
  print "blabla
printout blabla
would evaluate blabla before passing it to printout. The correct MSWlogo call
would be either of:
printout [blabla]
printout "blabla
Now I did not manage to get "printout" to work, I even tried defining it as

For erase the problem is even worse. How do I manage to overwrite an internal
procedure without loosing its definition complete, because I would need them to
finally execute the command?

Any help would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Sun, 28 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 LOGO-L> PC-LOGO syntax in MSWLogo


>The only problem is that the exercises in the book relay on some commands that
>have either different names (i.e. setpencol), different syntax (i.e. erase) or
>different name and systax (i.e. printout).

Way back when Apple Logo came out we decided to move to a more uniform
evaluation model, so TO is the only exception to the rule that inputs are
evaluated.  That's why even the UCBLogo (hence MSWLogo) macros have their
inputs evaluated.

The Terrapin products have, I think, stayed with the old MIT Logo notion of
special forms with unevaluated inputs for things like ERASE.  I suspect that
your preference may depend on the age of the kids you teach.  The new LCSI
"flip side" metaphor avoids a lot of the issue by eliminating the need for
many of the capabilities that are handled as special forms in Terrapin,
the ones that manage the workspace.  But LCSI has kept the non-special-form

So I guess I'm saying there is no solution if you need 100% compatibility
of notation.  I could invent special forms, but I'm reluctant to do that,
because then it's really hard to read other people's programs.

Sun, 28 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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