LOGO-L> 3-D regular multi surface bodies 
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 LOGO-L> 3-D regular multi surface bodies

;hello george Mills
;Here is the 3-D code for one of the most famous regular multi face
;bodies really I did not know its name. In an old russian mathematical hand-
;book by Broneshtien & {*filter*}diaev,this body is called "dodecaeder".
;the code shows that I had drawn it by spletting it in two halves each
;with different coulor and drawn with separate turtle.
;Such very nice bodies when you draw them without hidden lines, are very
;difficult to grasp if hidden lines are not removed.
;The choice of the point where the second half was started was  found by
;trial and error as shown by the numbers 1.44, .044 and -2.16; alas I had
;no time to try finding these values analytically. The hand book has a table
;for the faces(=10),the number of sides(=30),the number of verticies(=20)
;the total surface area(=20.6457*a^2) and the volume(=8.66*a^3);where a is
;side length.
;Best regards
to go
make "size 90
perspective cs ht
setturtle -1 setxyz 800 500 500
setturtle 1 setpc [255 0 0] ht pu
setxyz 1.44* :size .044* :size -2.16* :size
pd lp :size
setturtle 2 setpc [0 0 255] ht rp :size

to lp :size
repeat 5[lr 62.5 rpent :size rr 62.5 fd :size lt 72]

to lpent :size
repeat 5[fd :size lt 72]

to rp :size
repeat 5[lr 62.5 lpent :size rr 62.5 fd :size rt 72]

to rpent :size
repeat 5[fd :size rt 72]

Sun, 05 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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