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 LOGO-L> Thinking aloud at sunrize time

(continued from the first letter)

Well. And so.

An another theme. It's not for ears of system programmers or logo-dogs
but for
first-steps programmers and for teachers using LOGO as creative
environment for their children (home or school) studies.

You see, LOGO is NOT a childish programming language. It's not even high
level programming language. It is MACRO level programming language. It
is a language for programming language creation. It is a language of
artificial intelligence systems and applications. It is a language of
THE future. It needs another computer architecture. It needs another
technology level. And most of troubles with LOGO are the result of
conflict between LOGO internal ideology and now days computer technology
(but in spite of that programmer-man will built his sand castle again
and again, thanks God!). But in LOGO-machine and language ideology there
is so power that this systems work very effective almost on every
computer. And even children can create complicated and powerful programs
(animation games for example) very simple. I remember how many years ago
some children I teached that time were so surprized when in one minute
and a few lines of text they got their own drawing editor. Yes, of cause
very simple (not Photoshop) but it worked.

So with LOGO we got an excellent area for teaching process. Well, it's
not a directive language like BASIC and not a human-speach-like language
like KABOL but we got a mathematical notion based language. Is it bad?
And even now days it is not only studying or teaching language at all.

By the way many relative languages now work in our real life in net
management, 3-D modeling or like internal languages in many hard
powerful graphics and text processors (some times I read there in the
conference questions like "Why we or I study or teach LOGO"). And so
LOGO. LOGO may be used in you real life very well. You can create an
game or study area for your children or you can use it in your business
or home works as well. Intelligent databases and spreadsheets, note and
address books, family photo album and system for manages your TV or
aquarium. And all that only in a few lines of a text.

One may ask: what for? There are many applications for all times of your
life. What for one must write a graphical program oneself? There is
Photoshop. Go to a shop and by it, that's all. And Photoshop is a
professional strong and powerful program. Yes, I agree. Photoshop is a
very, very, professional and powerful graphical application . And you
will study it for several years at least. And all your life your will be
training with it for not forgive you learn before. And with each new
version too....

Of cause your LOGO drawing editor will be not so powerful like
Photoshop.  But with your own editor many works you need you will do in
a few minutes on the other hand with professional package you will be
doing these works for an hour or two as well. And much more. In a few
minutes you can write some procedures give your editors ability and
effects you can't find in Photoshop nor in any other professional
graphical editors. And all that because of LOGO Turtle ideology.

At Your services
Alexander V. Shadrin



Tue, 08 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 LOGO-L> Thinking aloud at sunrize time
At last.  A firebrand Logo apologist.  I'll jump on the Bandwagon.  :-)  I have had these similar thoughts, but not being a computer scientist of any kind, I have beenhesitant to speak as forcefully.  I can say that after nearly seven years playing with Logo and other languages (Visual Basic, C++, etc.) I have yet to find any real reason to change to anything else for my personal use.   It should be made clear that my personal use does not include any commercial applications.  Just learning, teaching science, and doing little projects of interest to myself.
     It the early part of the 1900's the radio was very similar to the internet in it's promise to be democratic, free and connect the world.  Now we watcha s the internet goes very much the same way, yielding it's democratic power to commercialization.  Computers in general are doing this, as is made clear in this ee-mail as commercial software products do things for us and thereby remove our control.
     This may not be a bad thing, and appears to be inevitable.  But we should at least be conscious of it.  I wonder if we won't discover that we can be enslaved to big business as surely as to big government.


Wed, 09 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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