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 LOGO-L> Welcome to me

Hello, I am new in the list.

My name is Carlos Calderon and I work at the Holy Trinity College, Mar del
Plata, Argentina.
I  am teacher in computer science, with Macintosh . In the area of
Educational Robotics we have PC and MAC with different interfaces, to work
with motor,lighters  and differents sensors.
I am very interesting in exchange some projects with LEGODACTA, because in
our Mac LC II it is impossible work with  MicroWorlds Project Builder, it
is very slowly....

Well, with my colleague we made a robot. It is called Seymour, like Papert.
It can be manipulated with the LEGODACTA interfaces. If someone wishes a
photo or information   I sent it by e-mail or by  postal addresses.

Regards, Carlos.


Mar del Plata                                   ARGENTINA



Mon, 20 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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