MswLogo Syntax Question - "I don't know how to return" 
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 MswLogo Syntax Question - "I don't know how to return"

Hello Logo-lovers,
I'm attempting to work my way through the book "Turtle Geometry" by
Harold Abelson 1984, but I'm using
a newer logo-- MswLogo 5.2 -- for windows on a Pentium. I'm exploring
recursive designs.  So far, I've
managed to get the "Hilbert's curve" algorithm to work, but I'm
*crashing* logo attempting to translate
other curves like: c-curve, snowflake, dragon-curve. They all are in
this form:
I mean, there are no THEN or RETURN options available far as I can see,
and I'm not sure how to approximate
this behavior with a substitue line of code. I've tried to re-write the
line as:
if :level = 0 [forward :size] stop]
and it crashed. The Hilbert curve had a similar line: IF LEVEL = 0 THEN
RETURN,  which I changed effectively to: if :level = 0 [stop] this works
perfectly. If anyone could offer a suggestion it would be greatly
appreciated, stay cool, thanks.
- Leslie

Wed, 08 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 MswLogo Syntax Question - "I don't know how to return"


>if :level = 0 [forward :size] stop]

If you really typed that you should have gotten an "unexpected ]" message.
If you left out the first close bracket, it should work.

If by "crashed" you mean something other than "unepected ]", please
explain more specifically exactly what happened.

Thu, 09 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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