Inspiring vs Selling of Constructivism 
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 Inspiring vs Selling of Constructivism

>  For many, the turtle is too simple for their tastes.

Too simple or too difficult?  Maybe Papert was wrong about the attraction
"Hard Fun" to little kids.

> Ah, the Nintendo generation!

edwin, you are probably correct about this.  Apparently there are more
interesting things to do than programming the computer.  Inside or outside
of school for I have found very little interest in Logo in the homeschooling
community.  I have been pushing Logo to other_than_school folks for over six
years now with little success.   Sorry for being such a lousy salesman of
what seems to me to be a mighty fine product.  Dale

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Wed, 17 Aug 2005 13:10:10 GMT  
 Inspiring vs Selling of Constructivism
Introduction to LogoWorks Marvin Minsky March 14 1984
Published in LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo, Cynthia Solomon,
Margaret Minsky, and Brian Harvey, eds. McGraw-Hill 1986

Making LOGO programs is a lot like building with construction toys -- but
it's even better. You can make drawings of things and structures, but you
can make procedures, too. You can make them use words. You can make things
change their forms. And you can make them interact: just make the properties
of some of your objects depend on some features of other objects. As toys,
those programs have their faults: you can't take LOGO cars outside and roll
them down a real hill -- but, in exchange, their parts don't get loose and
fall out and get lost. And the basic experience is still there: to see how
simple things can interact to make more wonderful things.

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Thu, 18 Aug 2005 13:55:44 GMT  
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