Thinking about thinking. NOT. It is about programming 
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 Thinking about thinking. NOT. It is about programming

Its time you looked at camp in a whole new way?
This summer, thousands of families across the country will choose a
different kind of camp - ACE Computer Camp.

>From beginners to webmasters, campers will learn the skills to build web

pages, program their own computer games and more!

With awesome projects, computer game tournaments and free time activities
and sports, there is plenty for every camper! So, if ACE sounds like the
right place for you, read on and find out if you're ready for a different
kind of summer adventure.


Cutting edge curriculum for all ages and ability levels!
Commuter and overnight camps at most locations
Increased self-esteem, confidence, and teamwork skills
A true university experience
Computer game tournaments
Weeks and weeks of curriculum without repetition
Trained, qualified and experienced Camp Directors
Top-notch university students to teach and guide campers
New computers in custom-built labs!
Year-round tutors and online instruction
More fun than any other camp!!!

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