HCC '03 Call For Participation 
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 HCC '03 Call For Participation

                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
                       THE 2003 IEEE SYMPOSIA ON

                Auckland, New Zealand, October 28-31, 2003


The IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages (VL) was established in 1984, based
on the idea that visual representations can greatly benefit the task of
computer programming. In response to the evolution of the field, the
symposium has undergone several changes in recent years. In particular, it
has been (a) expanded in scope; (b) divided into separate but affiliated
symposia, each of which focuses on a relevant subtopic of the area; and (c)
renamed to Human-Centric Computing Languages and Environments (HCC),
reflecting our goal of developing tools that enable humans--using textual
languages, visual languages or any other appropriate technologies--to
accomplish their tasks more effectively.

Included in HCC '03 are the following four symposia, each of which has its
own web page with more detailed information:

* End-user and Domain-Specific Programming Visual Languages (EUP '03)
  (see http://www.*-*-*.com/ )
* Visual Languages and Formal Methods (VLFM '03)
  (see http://www.*-*-*.com/ )
* Visual/Multimedia Software Engineering (VMSE '03)
  (see http://www.*-*-*.com/ )
* Visual/Multimedia Languages (VL '03)
  (see http://www.*-*-*.com/ )

PAPER SUBMISSIONS (Deadline: 15 March 2003)
We seek papers reporting unpublished, original research on all topics
related to the research areas of HCC '03's four symposia. Examples include
visual modeling languages, visualisation of software artifacts, visual
language theory, human requirements of programming tools. Please see the
conference website for a more comprehensive list.

Paper submissions are invited in two separate categories:  full-length (8
pages) and technical note (3 pages).  Authors should prepare and
electronically submit a PDF version of their paper in the standard IEEE
2-column format Submissions will be rigorously reviewed by the
international program committees of the individual symposia. Please see
the conference website for further details and guidelines on paper

WORKSHOP SUBMISSIONS (Deadline: 1 February 2003)
We also invite proposals for workshops on specialty topics relevant to the
themes of the individual symposia. Please see the conference website for

HCC '03 will be held in Auckland, New Zealand, a cosmopolitan city with
outstanding recreational and entertainment opportunities See the symposium
website for further details on registration, hotel and travel information.

Phil Cox, Dalhousie University, Canada
John Hosking, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Alan Blackwell, University of Cambridge, UK (EUP Program Chair)
Paolo Bottoni, University of Rome, Italy (VLFM Program Co-chair)
Mark Minas, University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich, Germany (VLFM
Program Co-Chair)
Stefano Levialdi, University of Rome, Italy (VL Program Co-chair)
Kang Zhang, University of Texas at Dallas, USA (VL Program Co-chair)
Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University, USA (VMSE Program Co-chair)
John Grundy, University of Auckland, New Zealand (VMSE co-chair)


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