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 LOGO-L> Re: Help with sound, please.

Sorry, the sound command only plays to the PC Speaker.
There are other commands that produce "sound" MIDI and WAV
but nothing that is frequency based and as simple as the the
SOUND command. I hope to simulate the SOUND command on
the sound card some day. Some PC's connect the PC Speaker to
the sound card and use it strictly as an amplifier.


>Subject: LOGO-L> Help with sound, please.
>Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 05:16:41 -0700

>Hi out there,

>I am currently working with  grade 5/6 students in MSWLogo. We are
>producing sounds with logo. My problem is figuring out a simple way to
>output thes sounds through the sound card rather than the computer
>speaker. Can anyone help me with this/


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