LOGO-L> MSWLogo 6.4h is available 
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 LOGO-L> MSWLogo 6.4h is available

Latest source is also available.

And just to let everyone know MMLogic is now free and a new version of that is
available as well.

FYI, ~3000 MSWLogo kits were downloaded last month and that's with no updates
since February !!!

Changes for 6.4h

   o Added for 6.4h, Added new commands BUTTONENABLE, LISTBOXENABLE,
     disable of individual controls for better control.

   o Added for 6.4h, Added EDALL Button on commander. If you wish to customize
     the behavior of this button just edit C:\MSWLogo\Logolib\EDALLBTN

   o Added for 6.4h, Added missing PC and FOREVER command to documentation.

   o Added for 6.4h, Updated documentation for changes in MACHINE, DIALOGFILEOPEN,

   o Added for 6.4h, Added FULLT?Z??command back.

   o Added for 6.4h, Fixed problem with KeyDown.

Thu, 02 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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