The Physics of Traffic Jams 
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 The Physics of Traffic Jams

"{*filter*}points" ... that's what I call the bridges in the Seattle area.  If
it were up to me, I'd post a 90 MPH limit through the bridges.  I figure the
effect would be like adding back-pressure to a slow leak.

:-)  edwin

P.S. - So how do we get our hands one this million-turtle tool?

BTW, for you folks into Lego Mindstorms, here is a site where you can
compete in Seattle by submitting a program only.  The standard model can be
built and tested at your location.


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At Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico, supercomputers that once
modeled the behavior of nuclear warheads are now being used to simulate the
highways of Dallas, Texas, and Portland, Ore. The cars in each computer
model are shown as pink triangles but there are 2 million of them.

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