Another Dale note and a question 
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 Another Dale note and a question

I didn't realize that Dale had "retired" from computer activities
when I asked him to look over a project I recently completed,
but being the friendly, cooperative person that he is, he agreed.

I appreciate his interest in many interesting things, but Logo
is my main passion in computing and I'm glad and others
share that enthusiasm.

If anyone else would like to see the LogoBrailleWriter that I've
put together, please send me an email and I'll ship it out to you.
You are free to pass it on to anyone you think may be interesed
in it or have a potential use for it, either in a class or for personal
use. Just make sure you read the Readme.txt file that I've
included. (This wasn't really question, was it? [but that was])

Thanks again to Dale.
Hope he returns after his hiatus.


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Wed, 21 Dec 2005 07:11:39 GMT  
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