good-bye to a special LogoForum friend 
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 good-bye to a special LogoForum friend


> I hope that a few of you who have valued Dale's presence on the
> LogoForum will drop him a line to say thanks and bye.

Yeap, I remember Dale for many things, one of them is that he
thought LogoFE good enough to have a price. I do thank him for
that :)

> If you reply
> to the list, please CC him!  (His e-mail signature was often framed
> in dollar signs and once he explained why - I don't remember the
> reason any more,

At the end of this little digest of three messages is the answer.


        Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 10:10:03 -0700

        Subject: Re: [LogoForum] Logo, psychology

>> A question I'd like to ask is, do we think a child does
> not know how to > think and a role of educators is to fix
> that? Or maybe, our role is to > improve or expand one's
> thinking. If so, how do we know if our way is really > an
> improvement? Or maybe thinking skills are not what we
> should aim for > because people already know how to think,
> and all we should do is give them > opportunities and
> something to think about.

Tom, I think you should read the contract you made with the person or
organization that is paying your salary. Clarify what it is you are expected
to provide for your student or students.

In the interest in adding another point of view to what I posted yesterday
about Art Robinson's "two or three hours of Saxon"

==============DiSessa's "Changing Minds." Page 66

How I became the person I am.
If I were asked to name the most important formative experience of my
life for defining my general intellectual skills and personal style of
thinking and acting, I wouldn't have to reflect for very long. From late
elementary school well into high school, I was an electronics hobbyist. I
built scores of devices-"studied," "experimented," and played in the way
that some people get interested in reading, others love sports, and still
others become involved with their friends and whatever activities friendship
entails. Counting only the number of hours I spent, one would have to judge
electronics my most important occupation. More than that, I can see some of
the defining features of my current intellectual self growing in these

I(Dale again) think that future learning consumers will be expecting(and
receiving from resourceful teachers and other knowledge and skill-improving
providers) to learn what they want to learn when they want to learn it. A
person wanting to learn how to play a violin will find another teacher if
half of each lesson is spent listening to the violin teacher discuss
presidential politics or whatever.

Can Logo truly improve the student's intuition, *or* his IQ, *or* his
ability to reason(sometimes quickly and sometimes deeply) through difficult
problems? I think these are all different attributes some of them
influenced by genes and the growing-up and present living environment.

Will his reasoning be improved for *any* difficult problem or only for
certain kinds of problems? It is difficult to imagine that Logo will be an
efficient use of the violin student's time. However Clayson, "Visual
Modeling with Logo" implies that Logo can help an artist in the improvement
of his skills. I can't determine if DiSessa thinks that using Boxer could
replace electronic tinkering for some(all?) youngsters.

I doubt it. I think that having a better electronics laboratory for my
feeble "crystal set" experiments would have been very helpful toward my
lifelong Engineering productivity. I think that working on Saxon one hour
day, Logo another hour, and an hour in the lab would have been the best

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Everything in moderation.
That is what we Sinusoidalists advocate. Dale


        Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 13:00:49 -0600

        Subject: Re: [LogoForum] Logo, psychology

OK Dale, I got to know. What is a sinusoidalist?


        Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 12:39:34 -0700

        Subject: Re: [LogoForum] Logo, psychology

> OK Dale, I got to know. What is a sinusoidalist?

Gary, what do you think I am using Logo to improve my thinking for? I am
attempting to figure out who I am. Besides being a retired Electromagnetics

I am inventing Sinusoidalism(do not be concerned, as far as I know, there
only one of us; so far) was to convince homeschooling Mom's(who are
generally Christian) that just because I am not a Christian that does not
mean I think that I(or their children) are evolved ugly hairy monkeys. That
I(just like they) assume that I am more than the sum of my parts and since
have free will I am responsible for my actions. Hence I am not a spiritual
or m{*filter*}threat to their children.

My Mom and Katy(my Christian wife of almost 40 years) used to grimace when
someone called me Atheist so I had to be something else. And being a big
fan of:

"In the animal kingdom, the rule is:
eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom:
define or be defined."
Thomas Szasz, libertarian psychiatrist
"The Untamed Tongue A Dissenting Dictionary" page 55.
First printing 1990 by Open Court Publishing Company.

I am in the process of defining myself.

But Gary, there is some truth in my funning. I did design the Induced
Lightning protection of the fly-by-wire 777 with frequency domain coupled
transmission line models. The double exponential Induced Lightning threat
was folded in and Fourier transformed to determine how much shielding was
required to drop the induced voltages to less than half the pulsed 600 Volt
damage hardness of the control circuits. So I lived and slept no beginning
and no ending sinusoidal waves for a few years while working on the 777 and
a couple years afterward porting the analysis and design codes from
mainframes to graphical workstations. Katy will tell you that I used to
roll around in bed at night as the lightning currents redistributed in my
head through the graphite composite, and aluminum vertical fin and its
systems. In the frequency and time domains.

So Gary, if I am not too much threatened by non-linearities(Chaos,
butterfly wings.real lightning) then my model of life gets me by OK here on
earth. But to go much farther in my quest I must improve my thinking skills
considerably. L3 is kinda easy, MSWLogo, as used by Mike Sandy and Yehuda,
is very challenging but to be really bright I probably must start
programming thousands of turtles in StarLogo. Interesting how the
individual birds in flocks do not bump into each other even though there is
no leader. Now that is an idea that Sinusoidalists can appreciate. At
least this y-directed Sinusoidalist can. Dale

PS Just in case you are wondering Gary, look at my signature below. The
dollar sign is a sinusoidal wave along the vertical "y" axis. But I bet
you already knew that. Sorry, Art Robinson says never to help a student
solve his problem. Bad for the development of his thinking skills and I
suspect his self-esteem also.


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