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;Hello Logo fellows!
;I redirect this message which I had recieved from KW Melvin.
Hello Mhelhefny:


>;Hello KW Melvin
>;Yes you are right. Logo is an Incredible language. Some pepole like
>;to call it a language for kids and they are right. some pepole say
>;it is a language for explorations and they are right.I consider it
>;a language for the clear minds.

I am going to have to agree with you on that. I am starting
my study of Logo in order to attain a clarity of mind. As far
as it being considered a language for kids, that doesn't
bother me anymore. I think I will learn better if I can get
my "inner child" involved in the learning process. I am
interested in explorations, using Logo. The exploring I
am interested in doing is that of self-discovery.

>;You Will meet on this list a group of marvellous pepole. Let me inform
>;you about just a few of them.

Thank-you very much for introducing me to some of the
movers and shakers on the mailing list.

>;Brian Harvey: the creator of UCBLogo the only free logo to my knowledge.

This man is really quite incredible. After briefly
corresponding with him via email, I purchased
several of his books (Computer Science Logo Style
Volumes 1-3, and Simply Scheme, the prequel to
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs,
also known as "The Wizard Book" ). I have also
downloaded and installed his UCBLogo, which
I am running in DOS.

>;George Mills: who had ported UCBLogo to MSWLogo with many extensions.

I remember downloading and using an early version
of MSWLogo, several years ago. However, I decided
to learn QBasic instead. I am a registered user of his
digital circuit logic program called MMLogic 1.0. It is
really quite a nice program for learning basic electronics.
I also have downloaded a recent version of MSWLogo,
and am running it in Windows 3.1.

>;Yehuda Katz : a serious code critic and a member of the fuculty of

I haven't met Yehuda yet. I do read his posts!

>;Olga Tuzova : a Ph.D. in Mathematics and a teacher in Sant Peiterburg

Wow! A PhD... teaching 7th graders? My, they have
highly qualifed teachers in Russia, no? <grin> No
wonder the Russians have such a reputation for

>;And you will meet with many many nice pepole on our group; to whom I owe
>;much for most of my Logo knowledge.

I already owe you a great deal. Your posted demos
are quite incredible, and have gotten quite a few
"oohs and ahhhs!" from my wife and myself.

>;Let me attatch my favorite demo. The code for the famous Towers
>;of Hanoi (usually taught in AI) This code was a demo for the
>;"IBMLogo ver. 1 of 1983 " which had never had a second release
>;I reworked that code to run under UCBLogo. Also you can find
>;a version which I wrote to run under MSWLogo (thanks to the help
>;of George Mills),in Logo Archives.

Thank-you also for such a warm welcome to the mailing list!

>;You can find many such code on USENET:comp.lang.logo for this month.
>;Also you can find them on logo-l archives .

This is also exquisite. Thank-you for
posting this and the other delicate
drawings. I will go to Deja News and
see how many I can find!

Once again, I am so impressed with the power of Logo
KW Melvin
Spiral Computing


Sat, 13 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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