Sound through the sound card for MSWLogo? 
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 Sound through the sound card for MSWLogo?

For my 9- and 12-year old kids, I recently purchased Jim
Muller's "Great Logo Adventure" and downloaded the latest
version of MSWLogo and we have been having much fun learning
and exploring the language and what one can do.

But one serious disappointment is the sound generation, the
fact that the SOUND command talks to the tiny tinny PC
speaker rather than through our high-tech sound card and
high-quality speakers.

Is there some way to tell MSWLogo to send the output of
SOUND to the sound card and speakers? I understand that one
can use MIDI but that seems to be a much greater and
undesired level of complexity, especially for my kids.  It
is strange that a program that seems to be Win9x
knowledgeable still seems to use a DOS-level method of
generating sound.

Kudos though to Brian Harvey and others for MSWLogo and to
Jim Muller for a fun book.



Sat, 22 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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