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 logo-to-lisp translator

For some time I've been working on a logo-to-lisp translator.  I've
gotten it to the point where it can do some rudimentary things and it
seems to be fairly effective.  I see speedups from 5X to 50+X over UCB

For example, the following code is a benchmark I use from time to
time.  In my translator, it runs in about 18 seconds.  In UCB Logo 4.6
it takes a half-hour.

to firstden :kinds
output ifelse :kinds = 1 [1] [ ~
         ifelse :kinds = 2 [5] [ ~
           ifelse :kinds = 3 [10] [ ~
             ifelse :kinds = 4 [25] [ ~
               if     :kinds = 5 [50]]]]]

to cctail :amount :kinds :total
output ifelse :amount = 0 [:total + 1] [ ~
         ifelse or :amount < 0 :kinds = 0 [:total] ~
           [cctail :amount - firstden :kinds :kinds ~
              cctail :amount :kinds - 1 :total]]

to countchange :amount
print shell "date
print cctail :amount 5 0
print shell "date

countchange 400

The following one-liner runs about 5X as fast in my translator as in
UCB Logo.

repeat 420 [setheading difference repcount 1 repeat repcount [fd 2 rt 1] pu home pd]

This code runs under UNIX / CMU Lisp with CLX.

The intent of this project is to emulate UCB Logo but give compiled
performance.  I used lisp because 1) I like it and 2) translating logo
to lisp is fairly easy.

If anyone is interested in looking at it, and are comfortable with
lisp and with code that's not even half finished and full of bugs,
please drop me a line.  I'm actually interested in maybe getting other
people to help with this.


Sun, 22 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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