LOGO-L> cross-reference in help (was: MSWLogo) 
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 LOGO-L> cross-reference in help (was: MSWLogo)

Just for the record:

<This is extracted from MSWLogo Help File Build>

Creating the help file .\Logo.hlp.

Processing D:\logo\HELP\LOGO.RTF

Resolving browse sequences...
Resolving keywords...
Adding bitmaps...
667     Topics
1,375   Jumps     <<<<<<<<<< Cross References
667     Keywords
0       Bitmaps

Created D:\_\logo\bc5\HELP\Logo.hlp, 563,954 bytes
Compile time: 0 minutes, 1 second
0 notes, 0 warnings

I agree that it can still always use more Cross References.


> I think it'd be reasonable to put more "see also" advice into the UCBLogo
> reference manual (and thus ultimately into the UCBLogo help files and
> perhaps thence into the MSWLogo help files :-).

> Thus when one said HELP "PRINT the result would include something like

>         See also: TYPE and SHOW for different print formats, LABEL to
>         print text on the graphics window.

> I'll put it on my list for the (coming soon, I hope) next release...

> ---------------------------------------------------------------

George Mills

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Mon, 02 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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