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                        |  ANNOUNCEMENT  |

/ Dr GEO version 0.50b /

              / A free dynamic geometry software /

By Hilaire Fernandes, 1997

Dr Geo V05.0B has been upload at the internet adress:

Dr  GEO  is dynamic geometry  software. It is *freeware*, so you don't
need to pay for it.
It  allows the construction of dynamic  geometric  figure. It's  an
educational oriented software. So we took care of the design of the Dr
GEO user interface. It use intensively the mouse and allow advanced
features as contextual menu and textual feedback of geometrical element
under the mouse pointer.
Using Dr GEO, the feeling is very good. We experiment it with student
from eleven year old. They master the interface very quickly.

Also Dr GEO can handle differents nationals languages as Chinese,
English, French and Spanish (More can be add).
This software can be used by mathematic teachers. In a class room to
make a show or in a computer class room.
Dr GEO can be use by students helping them to resolve geometric home
Also, geometry lover will enjoy Dr Geo

To use Dr Geo, you need:
   1. A 486DX or better. Dr Geo makes a lot of floatting point calculs
so an arithmetic coprocessor is required.
   2. Dos, Windows 3.11 or Windows 95.
   3. A Microsoft compatible mouse.
   4. A 32 bits super VGA video card or better.

THE AUTHOR, Hilaire Fernandes

www:                     http://www.*-*-*.com/

Snail mail:             Hilaire Fernandes
                        Chung Chan North Road
                        Section 7, lane 141, No 14
                        ROC, Taiwan

Dr Geo includes the following items (not an exhaustive list) :

- point :
   - free
   - on a geometry object as segment, line, half-line, circle.
   - as segment middle or two points middle
   - given its coodinates
   - as the transformation of another point by a rotation, an axial
symetry, etc.
   - as the intersection of two geomerty objects.

- segment, line, vectrex, etc.

- transformations : translation, rotation, etc.

- mumerics : coordinate of point, vectrex, length of a segment,
perimeter of a circle, angle given three points or two vectex, etc.

- equations of line and circle.


- an intuitive graphic user interface , Appear When Needed.

- a powerfull macro construction feature with unlimited input & output
geometry objects arguments.

- load and save functions for the construction figure and the

- save function in PCX bitmap format.

- menu to change the geometry objects rendering.

- menu to change the screen display.

- an Open Language Technology (OLTech) allowing the use of alphabets &
ideograms systems in any national language operating system (Dos or

- ability to switch, from Dr Geo, in differents languages as Chinese,
English, French & Spanish. More can be add as Korean, Japanese or other
alphabet language.

Hilaire Fernandes


Thu, 11 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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