A story for 360 
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 A story for 360

     (This is a reply to an old message.)   I thought that List processing
is what gave birth to Lisp (which I think is short for  List Processor or
something like that) and that Logo is a dialect of Lisp. I suspect that
there is  an abundance of excellent examples of list processing written in
Lisp that can  be converted to Logo.  
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[snipped]    List processing is what gave birth to Logo, yet over the years
seems    to always be upstaged by the flashier Turtle Graphics.    
[snipped]       I believe List Processing is a topic that still needs lots
of example in    different domains, and explanations in a variety of terms
and at all different    levels of complexity. With sufficiently imaginative
examples it might one day    share the stage with Turtle graphics.      

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Tue, 17 Feb 2004 11:42:06 GMT  
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