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 LOGO-L> Duplicates Solved

The duplicate messages problem has been solved so we all can resume our
interesting discussions on logo-l.  I've included the message below for
your information.  It was sent to me from the GSN staff member who fixed
the duplication problem.


>Welp, it was as I suspected.  Considering the
>fact that logo-l was the only address that was
>having this duplication problem, and after I made
>that Check Queue change and duplicates *still* popped
>up, I figured it must be an address subscribed to the
>list that is sending copies *back* to the list.  Believe
>it or not I've run in to this in the past! For example,

>they are subscribed to the list, causing an infinite loop.
>After I saw the duplicates pop up yesterday AM, *after* I

>I put myself as moderator and made logo-l a closed list so
>I could follow it.  I received one message yesterday, posted
>it, and here it is again, bounced into my mailbox because it had attempted
>delivery back to the list. Unfortunately, without
>closing the list and moderating it myself, I couldn't have found
>the offending address because majordomo strips original Received
>headers.  I've removed the offending address, opened logo-l
>again (unmoderated), put you back as moderator, and will send
>email to the  postmaster at that site notifying them of their

John St. Clair               Board of Directors - Global SchoolNet Foundation
Technology Teacher           moderator schl-sig-logo and logo-l
Vina Danks Middle School
Ontario-Montclair School District
Ontario, California, USA


Mon, 24 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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