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  The economic stat's in the report suggest that Costa Rica is looking for
a way to bolster their economy by getting onto the high tech playing field
in a big way. Couldn't an increased "national product" support the arts,
humanities and all the other non-technological parts of their culture?
Their experiment might seem monocultural but for a struggling economy, it
might hold out hope for lots of people now unemployed or underemployed.

>> This means that the cost of providing computer instruction
>>($38 per student per year, or $114 over the three years of lower secondary
>>school) could be recouped by society if no more than 1 percent of all
>>secondary school students changed their profession from humanities to
>>engineering (e.g., the gain to society would be $23 per year for the entire
>>work life of a graduate).

>With friends like these, who needs enemies?

>I guess in the short run it might make sense for a relatively poor country
>to try for a bigger piece of the pie by pushing kids into engineering,
>but I would hate to think that that's the goal of our work.  In the long
>run it can't be right that the more engineers the richer we all get.

>And my goal as a teacher isn't to make anyone richer, anyway.

Jim Baker
Understanding begins with finding first principles.


Mon, 29 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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