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 Display Area Size MW 2.0

> Would welcome advise or links regarding adjusting the size of the
> "Display Area" ie where the turtle can move in MW 2.0  projects
> downloaded from Logo Ring sites.
> Many (all?) have a reduce display area format. Help does not seem to
> cover this situation.

Good question.  I should attempt an answer since I'm involved with two
sites which use a reduced-size project page.

For a PC:

1) Open a new project in MicroWorlds, so that it is completely empty
and is the size you want.

NOTE:  If you wish to resize THIS page, you need to do it when the
project is empty.  In the command center, type (for example)

newprojectsize [600 400]

only substitute your own desired numbers, where the first # is the
width in pixels and the second # is the height.

2) File -> Save
and then navigate to the same folder where you've stored the project
needing resizing.  Save your new (empty) project with a similar file

3) Rename your empty page 1 to something like "temp," because you'll
be deleting it soon.  It is confusing if you keep it named "page1,"
because you might be bringing in another page1 from the other project.
(To rename a project, go to
Pages -> Rename
or something like that.
.. I'm writing from a computer which does not have MW installed so
don't recall exactly.)

4) In the command center, type these three commands, replacing
FILENAME with the name of the MicroWorlds project which you wish to
enlarge.  If the project's name is two or more words, surround them
with the vertical bar like this:  |FILE NAME|
Vertical bar is found by holding the shift key while hitting the \
(back slash) key.

merge "FILENAME "pages
merge "FILENAME "shapes
merge "FILENAME "procedures

5) In the command center, assuming you renamed your original page
"temp" (see #3 above), type

remove "temp

6) Resave the project (CTRL - S).

Now you should have a project which has all of the elements of the
small project but is a larger size.


1) If text has been stamped on the original project, when the pages
are resized, the text becomes larger and can look kind of chunky.  If
the text is in textboxes, it remains the original size.

2) The project elements may need to be relocated to look right.

3) Sometimes procedures may need to be adjusted if they were written
specifically for the original page size.

4) On a Mac, you cannot merge projects of two different sizes.  Let me
know if you are using a Mac and I'll send other instructions.

5) If you are doing the reverse and shrinking the page size of a
project, and if buttons or other elements were placed near the bottom
or right edges of the original (large) project, then when you merge
the project elements into a smaller-size project, the elements may
double up on top of each other in the top left corner of the new
project page(s).  That's OK--just drag them to new positions.

Let me know if you need any more information.
(Maybe there is a better method, but this is what I've always done.)

Wendy Petti

MicroWorlds in Action
Math Cats

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