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 LOGO-L> Logo 15-Word Challenge Update


This contains:
1. The rules for the Logo 15-Word Challenge, and
2. A list of all contest entries so far.

The contest ends June 1, 1997.

The contest was first posted on the logo list

Note: The rules have not changed since I first posted
the challenge, but I have made some small revisions
to clarify a few issues.

---------- THE LOGO 15-WORD CHALLENGE ----------

Write a Logo one-liner using 15 or fewer words,
not counting square brackets and parentheses,
to produce the most beautiful, complex, and
interesting picture.


Write a single line of Logo commands to be entered
directly at the Logo command prompt. Do not write
a named Logo procedure (don't use "TO").

The one-liner must have 15 or fewer words, not counting
square brackets and parentheses. For example, this
one-liner is ten words:

   for [i 0 2200] [fd 3 rt (:i * :i)]

Any initial commands to move the turtle to a better
starting position and clear the screen are not
counted as part of the one-liner.

The one-liner must be self-contained: it cannot rely on
pre-defined variables, non-primitive procedures,
external files, etc.

The one-liner must use only one turtle.

The one-liner must not use color.


The one-liner should be reasonably portable. In other
words, the one-liner should use only commands which are
likely to be easily translated into equivalent commands
in common Logo implementations.

I will use MSW Logo version 4 to run the one-liners.

Some MSW Logo commands, syntax, and primitives which are

   fd, bk, lt, rt
   for [i 0 100] [ ... ]
   repeat 100 [ ... ]
   make "x :x + 1
   if :i = 0 [ ... ]
   ifelse :i < 0 [ ... ] [ ... ]
   setx x, sety y, setxy x y, setpos [ x y ]
   setheading x, seth x
   penreverse, px (pen reverses underlying color)
   setpensize [ x y ] (x and y must be the same)
   wrap, window, fence (wrap mode is the default)
   x + y, x - y, x * y, x / y,
   remainder x y, int x, round x,
   sqrt x, power x y, exp x, log10 x, ln x,
   sin x, cos x, arctan x
   random x
   parentheses are acceptable

Some commands which are NOT acceptable:

   arc, circle
   setpc (color is not allowed)

For other Logos, change "for [i 0 10] [...]" to
something like "make "i 0 repeat 10 [... make "i :i+1]",
but this takes many more words.

For MicroWorlds, change "for [i 0 10]" to "dotimes [i 10]".


I have added "reset" to the beginning of each one-liner
to reset everything. (Don't count it as a word.)
In MSW Logo, "reset" can be defined as follows:

to reset
cs st pd wrap zoom 1 penpaint setpensize [1 1]
setpc [0 0 0] setsc [255 255 255] setfloodcolor [0 0 0]

You may prefer that "reset" do "ht" instead of "st".


The following example one-liners run in MSW Logo.

Simple Scroll, 8W
reset for [i 0 1000] [fd 10 rt :i]

Curly Cloud, 10W
reset for [i 0 2200] [fd 3 rt (:i * :i)]
(Very pretty and very simple)

Growing Scrolls, 10W
reset for [i 0 3000] [fd (:i / 100) rt :i]

Slalom Scrolls, 11W
reset for [i 0 2000] [fd 5 rt (90 * sin :i)]

Wiggly Star, 13W
reset for [i 0 4320] [fd 3 rt (90 * sin (:i * :i))]

Hairy Star, 13W
reset for [i 0 4700] [fd 8 rt (180 * sin (:i * :i))]

Jaggy Star, 13W
reset for [i 0 2200] [fd (20 * sin :i) rt (:i * :i)]

Strange Tracks, 13W
reset for [i 0 10000] [fd 5 rt (180 * sin (power :i 1.5))]
(Note: "power :i 1.5" is the same as ":i * sqrt :i")

Bullring, 14W
reset for [i 0 1002] [fd 8 seth (360 * (power :i 3) / 1002)]
(Bullring is from "Another Fine Math You've Got Me Into..."
by Ian Stewart)


E-mail one or more one-liners using 15 or fewer words
to Keith Enevoldsen at

E-mail your entry before June 1, 1997.

Please use "Logo contest entry" as the subject line.

Feel free to share your entries with the logo list
but official entries must be e-mailed to me directly.
I will post updates on the logo list.

Please include a descriptive or whimsical name for each

One-liners do not need to be original. I want the best
one-liners, old or new.


I (and whoever else happens to be around) will choose
the best one-liners based on these criteria:

1. The beauty, complexity, and interestingness
   of the picture,

2. The simplicity of the commands.

I will announce the winners on the logo list on or
about June 8, 1997.

There will be NO prizes! This is just for fun!

---------- CONTEST ENTRIES ----------

Here are all the contest entries so far.

I have also included some variations by myself
which are, of course, ineligible for the contest.

I invented names (marked with asterisks) for all
unnamed entries.

Random Lines*, 9W, Michael Tempel
reset repeat random 1000 [fd random 1000 rt random 360]
(This usually produces Jackson Pollacks, but there is
a chance that it will produce a Michelangelo.)

Square Spiral*, 14W or 9W, Yehuda Katz
reset px make "x 1 repeat 1000000 [fd :x rt 90 make "x :x+1]
reset px for [x 1 1000000] [fd :x rt 90]
(It seems simple, but it has a surprising effect.)

Square Spiral variation 1, 9W, Keith Enevoldsen
reset px for[x 1 1000000] [fd :x rt 89.99]

Square Spiral variation 2, 14W or 8W, Bill Kerr
reset make "x 1 repeat 150 [fd :x rt 89 make "x :x+1]
reset for [x 1 150] [fd :x rt 89]

Sine Wave, 15W, Shachar Katz
reset sety 1000 home setx 1000 for [x -180 180] [setxy :x 70*sin :x]
(Who needs Mathematica?)

Radar, 11W, Zippi Katz
reset px repeat 1000000 [fd 40 fd 40 bk 80 rt 1]
(No, "fd 40 fd 40" cannot be replaced by "fd 80"!)

Radar variation 1, 12W, Bill Kerr
reset repeat 3600 [px fd 80 fd 0 bk 80 lt random 360]

Radar variation 2, 7W, Keith Enevoldsen
reset px repeat 10000 [fd 200 rt 179]

Brownian Motion, 14W, Erez Katz
reset repeat 10000 [fd 3*(-1+random 2) rt 90*random 4]
(Maybe it should be named urban sprawl.)

Feathers*, 13W, Marian Rosen
reset repeat 12 [repeat random 50 [fd 100 bk 95 rt 2] rt 180]
(Very pretty.)

Feathers variation 1, 13W, Keith Enevoldsen
reset repeat 50 [repeat random 100 [fd 300 bk 295 rt 2] rt 180]

Spiral*, 11W, Olga Tuzova
reset for [i 0.01 4 0.05] [repeat 180 [fd :i rt 1]]

Ring*, 10W, Olga Tuzova
reset px setpensize [20 20] repeat 100000 [fd 2 rt 2]
(Looks like a caterpillar to me.)

Ring variation 1, 10W, Keith Enevoldsen
reset px setpensize [200 200] repeat 36 [fd 20 rt 10]

Ring variation 2, 14W, Olga Tuzova
reset px setpensize [100 100] repeat 1000 [repeat 72 [fd 20 rt 10] rt 90]

Cubism (Ring variation), 15W, Yehuda Katz
reset px for [x 10 200] [setpensize se :x :x repeat 36 [fd 20 rt 15]]

Milky Way, 15W, Olga Tuzova
reset setsc [0 0 0] px setpensize [10 10] repeat 100000 [fd 10 rt random 360]

Inky Dots, 14W, Olga Tuzova
reset setpensize [10 10] repeat 10000 [pu fd 15 pd fd 0 rt random 360]
(Don't worry, you can remove the stains with CS.)

Inky Dots variation 1, 15W, Yehuda Katz
reset px setpensize [10 10] repeat 10000 [pu fd 15 pd fd 0 rt random 360]


Keep those contest entries coming!


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