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 LOGO-L> Intensive logo in Australia

On receiving help from Gary, Jeff and John on updating my list I discovered
something interesting. At this stage I seem to have 11 Schools that clearly
qualify as intensive -- and 6 of them are girls schools! I find this quite
remarkable given the relatively small number of girls schools in Australia
overall (ie. I can only find 6 girl schools in the whole of Adelaide -- 4
Private and 2 government).

So, how come? Are girls schools more willing to try out new ideas? Is Logo /
MicroWorlds seen as a user friendly technology compared with alternatives? Do
boys just go ahead and learn programming the hard way anyway so they don't need
Logo / MicroWorlds?

Here is my updated list:-
(g) stands for girls schools


(g) Methodist Ladies College, Melbourne
John Paul College (Brisbane)
(g) The Glennie School, Toowoomba
(g) Woodlands Anglican Girls School, Adelaide
Batlow Technology K-12 School, NSW
(g) Pymble Ladies College, Sydney
Wesley College, Melbourne
Geelong Grammar, Melbourne
(g) Kilvington Girls Baptist School, Melbourne
Christ Church Grammar School, K-6, Melbourne
(g) Fairbank Anglican Girls School, K-6


Melbourne Grammar, K-6
Melbourne Girls Grammar (secondary)

 So it looks like the place to target MicroWorlds growth is as follows:-

* Private Schools (10 out of 11 on list, massive disproportion)
* Girls Schools ( 6 out of 11, a massive disporportion)
* Years 3-9 (Primary, Middle School), although I'm speculating here based on
rumours I have heard.

 I'd welcome further comments on my half baked market research.

-- Bill Kerr

Fri, 05 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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