Developing an approach 
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 Developing an approach

A student told me that there are some newly released PC games that
have teachable characters.  Looks like the age of the Mutant Logo
Turtle is upon us.  Also, there are titles like Mech Warrior where
the Mech can be clad with various features.

Certainly, what's "there" raises the bar on what they would or could
do.  IMO, developing a partial-code programmer-pairs approach or
my "slice'em dice'em" team approach deserves serious consideration.
As should many more approaches that need to be tried.

Unfortunately as the timeline moves forward and the universe expands
I find myself in need of a lot of help in courseware preparation.  So
we should also consider the benefits of colloborated teacher efforts.

It's all easier said than done.

:-)  edwin

P.S.  I thank all who have posted programs and links.  Your
contributions and related experiences are very much appreciated.


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> >   I believe we
> >all learned that 12 hours of class time is not long enough.

> I was in a similar situation last summer with a group of high school
> students, mornings for two weeks.  We did two things that helped,
> although
> I'm not sure they helped enough.  One is that we didn't do an
> game;
> we wrote Mastermind, with the computer picking random colors and
the user
> trying to guess them.  So the programming was easier in some ways.
> other
> is that we decided how far we wanted them to get each day, and the
> day
> we gave them our version of yesterday's solution, so even if they
> get
> it all done they could start on today's task instead of falling
> (They worked in pairs, not all together, so some groups worked
> than
> others.)

> But we had 30 hours of class and it still wasn't enough.  :-)

> The idea of giving them partial code each day came from thinking
> there
> were two ways to run the class, both unacceptable:

> 1.  Start from the beginning, teach them how to program, and not
get far
> enough in the available time for them to finish a project.  The
result is
> that they feel they met our expectations, but not their own,
because they
> never do a project.

> 2.  Jump into a project.  The result is that they see that such
> are
> possible, but they all end up feeling like failures because we go
> fast
> and they don't get it.

> So we tried to do something in between.

Tue, 16 Nov 2004 12:48:05 GMT  
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