LOGO-L> orbitting sphere in 3-D space 
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 LOGO-L> orbitting sphere in 3-D space

;Hello Olga Tuzova
;Here is a very simple code based on the solar example of MSWLogo
;with some variation; this orbitting sphhere gives some nice 3-D
;feeling. I should like that you try it;I appreciate your comments.
;Best Regards
to go
perspective cs ht
setturtle -1 setxyz 120 110 90
setturtle 0  
repeat 120[clean pu fd 15 pd rt 25 sphere 8 20]

to sphere :rad :step
repeat 180/:step [circle :rad rr :step] rr 180
repeat 180/:step[make "q repcount*:step-90 fd :rad*sin :q
downpitch 90 circle :rad*cos :q uppitch 90 bk :rad*sin :q]

Mon, 06 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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