Looking for a good (any) public domain logo 
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 Looking for a good (any) public domain logo


I am currently doing research on how humans encode information into
cognitive maps (i.e. how we store the information we use in getting
around) and how we process that informtion.  For some of the
mathematical modeling that I am doing, I need a system for encoding
procedural geometries.  Needless to say to anyone here, I think that
LOGO would be an ideal tool to assist in my research.

I would like versions of the language that run on UNIX boxes (DEC
3100/5200 ultrix 4.2) as well as on PCs (dos 6.2/windows 3.1).  

Any help in getting to public domain/freeware/shareware sources/binaries
would be deeply appreciated.  If all you know of are commercial sources,
please send that along as well--I may have to scrounge up some money in
the end.

but barring that I will try to keep an eye on the group.


Tue, 08 Apr 1997 16:50:39 GMT  
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