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 VB6 - not Logo

Hey, Samuel!

I know this is Bob`s thread, but I have some comments around.

>Things such as RUN in Logo are usually available in
>translators/interpreters and are usually not available in compiled
>implementations of a language.

Unfortuantly, this is mostly true.

But there are those lisp compilers,
in which the compilation takes places while running.
And (although I don`t know much about Java) I`ve heard,
that Java does this just-in-time compilation,
which might be the same.

Why not also interface Logo with GCC or another C++ compiler,
which then produces a little DLL for each compiled function?

>I do not know what you mean by "MAP  facility".

Don`t you know the MAP example on Brian`s homepage?
MAP is a quite powerful template library function in LOGOLIB.
It is documented in the UBC/MSWLogo help.

>Many programmers that use a strongly-typed language such as C
>would avoid a non-typed language such as Logo
>since the typing can prevent many  mistakes.

I like Logo especially *because*
you don`t have to mess with types all day.
But when you need them,
then you can get all the information with the predicates.

And the error checking of UCB/MSWLogo
is already quite good, I think.


Wed, 18 Feb 2004 21:37:16 GMT  
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