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 Report from NECC

I just got back from NECC in Seattle and got a boost in morale that was
sorely needed.  The new MicroWorlds EX looks great!!  It is available for
Windows starting next week and for Mac OS X in October.  I went to Gary
Stager's session on MicroWorlds EX and saw lots of possibilities for
projects.  Each turtle can now have its own private properties, including
costumes, procedures and variables.  Each turtle can be exported as an
object, with all of its properties, to be imported into another MicroWorlds
project.  This will be great for collaborative group projects or just
simple sharing of ideas between friends.

I also got to hear Alan Kay talk about the future of education and
demonstrate Squeak.  He was very impressive.  I think I may download Squeak
and give it try.

I got to meet Wendy Petti and Chris Myers from Open World Learning and hear
them talk about "Empowering Students to Learn, Mentor, and Assess
Creatively and Responsibly".

It was a great 4 days!!

John St. Clair                          Global SchoolNet Foundation

Vina Danks Middle School                LogoForum moderator
Teacher of Logo and Lego      

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