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 Graphing Calculators

I?prefer HP Calculators.? However, I am toying with the idea of acquiring
a TI-83 Graphing Calculator.? I want to see if there is potential for
developing a programming class around the device.? I've?browsed through
online tutorials?and studied their approach.? I think that in addition to
graphing calculators, that a Mathimatica-type compliment?in Logo would?be
Other than GEOMLAND in ELICA, is there another math package written in LOGO?
:-) edwin
P.S. NetLogo has some projects with a TI-83 interface.? I believe the TI
network interface hub is still in beta.? And from what I can gather, there
is much to learn about the user interface.

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Mon, 03 Jan 2005 23:42:32 GMT  
 Graphing Calculators

As a newbie to the list and Logo for some number of years, I'll have to
admit that I'd not used the environment in a while. I had primarily stuck
with Mathematica (v 3.0) as a favourite programming language while in
university (completed a B. Sc. math major recently).

Are there any .nb or .m files out there that emulate the simple Logo
turtle programming environment in such a way that the output is equivalent
to a simple Plot or Animate commands of the sine curve, etc? Is there a
standard file format to save a copy/paste of LOGO output (say, of a
graphical rendering in LOGO) and/or any way to convert back and forth
from one graphical rendering type to the other? [I realize that Logo is an
interpreter as opposed to a compiler type language where much of the
output is returned as the program is being written to screen. I'd not had
much of a chance to experiment with Logo-style languages in a while.]

As an example of a problem I'd be trying to work on in Mathematica, but
that I could easily see to be easier to write in Logo is:

draw the boundary set of a union of aperiodically tiled tiles (say, for
instance, a tile set such as k amount of kites and d darts - along with
their boundary rules, length and angular measure rules within the tiles,
etc) choose any one of the total(n) 'cut-outs' where n:=k+d, and create a
table of rules to construct all the cut-outs of a size n. (A cut-out
might be considered as a plane sub-tiling which leaves no holes, but we
could later extend the notion. I would also want to keep the notion of
directed edges, particularily for what's going on at the border-line of
the cutout. Later on, I'd be interested in trying to print the image out
on paper and try to create cylinder/torus-like foldups or wrap-ups of the
paper according tothe aperiodic tiling rules.) An interesting side notion
would be to count the number of different (or non-isomorphic) total(n) for
some n (or total(k,d) for some fixed k, given 1st d) and see if there is
a relation between them and group-like properties of similar periodic
tilings such as the rotation group of the hexagonal tiling.

Some of the computation would be easy to draw in Logo (as we can tell Logo
quite easily how long to draw lines and which direction to go and when to
draw a line) and some would also be easier to analyse in mathematica (I
can take advantage of my mathematica programming style of tabulation of
variables for variabled k,d,n,total(n) [- here meaning the number of
total non-isorphic cut-outs for a given n or k and d], as well as
hopefully being able to find a nice recursive way for building more
detailed cut-outs with more tiles on the cut-out).

Apologies that I might have gotten the wrong group, but I thought I'd
compare the 2 programming languages for what I could use each for and
where one may be lacking.

                                        -- Kai G. Gauer --

Thursday Edwin Pilobello says:

EP)Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 08:42:32 -0700
EP)Subject: [LogoForum] Graphing Calculators
EP)that in addition to graphing calculators, that a Mathimatica-type
EP)compliment in Logo would be awesome.
EP):-) edwin


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Thu, 06 Jan 2005 03:22:50 GMT  
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