School tries to bridge techno-gender gap 
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 School tries to bridge techno-gender gap

In the Philippines, the ill-funded public schools cannot stack up
against the private, segregated, catholic, elementary schools.  Yes,
there are advantages and disadvantages.  I suppose what works is to
have the advantages sponsored while the disadvantages are properly
mitigated.  Perhaps similar observations can be made in places where
segregated boarding schools are common.

I matriculated at an exclusive all boys school from K-8 then
transfered to a co-ed private High School.  I think I had the best of
both worlds when it counted the most.  On the other hand, it could be
argued that K-8 co-ed and segregated High Schools may be preferable.

I suppose it all depends on what the family wants and can afford.

:-)   edwin


> I fully agree with you, Cathy.

> Your note hit a real hot-button with me. I believe, but may be
wrong, that
> it's relevant to teaching with the Logo philosophy.

> My conclusion is that we need:
> Boys only schools
> Girls only schools
> Mixed schools
> anything less is agenda oriented, where the agenda is NOT kids

> Just my opinion.

> Bob

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Fri, 14 May 2004 13:02:33 GMT  
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