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 [MWcybercourse] Reply on Inspiration

 At 11:58 AM 8/31/2001, Steve

I have been using Inspiration for about seven years to help with my
'personal' brainstorming (if that is possible??). It has been helpful
capturing my thoughts on 'how things work'( part of Soft System
by Peter Checkland), what are the relationships between my 'mental
and what categories are best to use in describing my 'worldview' to
I have used it extensively to prepare models for a decision making
called 'Expert Choice'.  I am using a version that is five years
old; it may
not have all the latest features.

Steve Murray

Yes, the combination of a mind mapping tool like Inspiration + Expert
Choice is a powerful combination.

The mindmapping tool is one way to elicit one's ideas, attitudes, &
values from below the conscious/unconscious threshold up to conscious
visibility where one can evaluate them & make choices about them. I
consider decision making the primary skill we need to teach children (of
all ages) if we are to empower them to make their own choices in life
& not be manipulated by others.

Expert choice is, in my opinion, the best decision making methodology
available. I too have been using it for many years, and still use Expert
Choice Trial Version 8.01. I have seen some of the windows beta'a but
prefer the DOS version, since I'm more familiar with it.

I have read several books in the Analytic Hierarchy Process series.
Thomas Saaty has really done his homework putting a solid mathematical
basis for combining quantitative or numerical and qualitative or
emotional/personal aspects of decision making into one solid

If we could teach both children, the next generation, & current
decision makers this wholistic approach, we could anticipate a much
better world to live in!

I translated the basic model into VB, and I'm now moving it to Logo so I
can integrate it more smoothly with Mindmapping output, Kelly's repertory
grid technology & System dynamics.
Thanks to Daniel Ajoy's work with the Eigenvectors this will go more

Since Logo focuses on active learning, it is the most fertile ground for
integrating these powerful technologies and making them accessible to
young learners.


Saaty's Vol. I-IV are sometimes challenging reading, but Vol. II,
"Decision Making for Leaders", is very readable.
for those wishing to sample the waters before diving in,
the first chapter, which covers the basic ideas & rational for
combining reason & passion is freely downloadable from their
< http://www.*-*-*.com/
eudora="autourl"> http://www.*-*-*.com/

Knowledge is
NOT enough!
Knowledge +
Confidence enables
Vision + Action
= Leadership!
- Bob Gorman
<" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ; eudora="autourl"> http://www.*-*-*.com/

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