LOGO-L> out of space continued 
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 LOGO-L> out of space continued

I have been impressed by this forum's response to my plea for help on the
question of  "Out of Space" error messages.
My summary of the situation is :
a)  Students must stop all animations, buttons, recursions before they save
their work
b) Projects are not lost forever. I have created new empty projects, and
typed in the command centre the following:
merge "lostprojectname "page1
merge "lostprojectname "procedures
loadshapes "lostprojectname

and page by page I have retrieved the project.
Special message to Walt from California: Don't merge all the pages,
otherwise you'll run out of space again. Split the project into two. Also
remember that you may have to put the full pathway into the above commands
if you're not in the same directory

c)  I am going to upgrade to MicroWorlds Version 2.0,  because I am e{*filter*}d
by the idea of publishing the students projects on Wenona's Webpage.

Tania Lamble
Wenona School
North Sydney


Tue, 06 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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