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>>>from Brian Harvey:
>> Basically, *any* required assignment will be an imagination-limiter
>> for some kids.  But leaving them to their own devices will be an
>> imagination-limiter for other kids who need a little push in some
>> specific direction to spark their creativity.  You just have to try
>> to know your audience.

>But there are thinks to learn that are more important than others. I
>would rather have some kids understand something about how people
>react in circumstances of stress (like the resent earthquakes) than be
>experts in programming.

>Thinks like:
>I think life management is crucial and should be learned (somehow) with
>special priority.

What we learn need not be an either or situation; both, or even all of the
above, also works.
Somewhere in the process of growing up one might learn:
        Thinking accurately
        Working in groups
        Working alone
        Life management
etc., etc., etc., etc.,

Life has many classrooms, many without walls....

So often in this discussion list I see arguments about:
        Logo language vs Logo philosophy
        Teaching programming vs thinking
        Preparing for life vs job skills
        Graphics vs text
        Iteration vs recursion
etc., etc., etc., etc.,

I ask "Why not BOTH"?
The student's minds can certainly absorb both, especially if well taught!
Classes end but life goes on...

Brian Harvey, who I consider a master teacher, has shown us time and again both
that we need to treat different students differently, and respect the learning
curve. One approach may work early on, to be replaced later by a different

A good teacher can get a student to learn, a great teacher can get a student to
want to learn.

My goal here is not to put Brian on a pedestal, but to encourage all of us to
stretch our limits by respecting both individual differences and learning
stages, and most of all to teach BOTH instead of one OR the other.

It is not magic. It is highly learnable. During the last 2 years I taught many
at-risk high schoolers, many students whose teachers,  administrators, and even
parents had given up on. Many regained their self confidence through guided
direct creative experiences, so I know it can be done, and its not magic.  

I am not sure what my next adventure will be, but I am sure that I will always
respect and nurture kids potential, and ignore those who treat them as dumb,
stupid or limited by narrow boundaries.

Bob Gorman

P.S. For those interested, I expand my ideas about BOTH at my website, on the
tools page, under the topic: 1 to 2 Dimensional thinking.

"To create New Answers;  you must ask New Questions."
- Bob Gorman

Mon, 11 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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