MultiMedia Logic ALPHA 0.3 is released 
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 MultiMedia Logic ALPHA 0.3 is released

Don't get me wrong, Logo has a lot to offer.

But if your looking for a change of pace you might check out
MultiMedia Logic from Softronics Inc..

Some cool things about it are:

  There is no written language.

  The language (if you want to call it that) is universal.

  You not only learn problem solving skills but learn how computers
  really work.

If interested check it out at http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~mills

        MMLogic Version 0.3 (ALPHA) for Micro-Soft Windows 3.x/95/NT


Part    I) Kit Description/Location:
Part   II) New features/bugs fixed:
Part  III) Installation:
Part   IV) Standard features:
Part    V) Recommended usage:
Part   VI) Bugs / Missing features / Wish List:
Part  VII) Reporting bugs:
Part VIII) Minimum System Requirements:
Part   IX) Related Tools/Kits/Addons:

Part I) Kit Description/Location:

MMLOGI03.ZIP/.EXE (Full kit for Win32 Windows Platforms)
MMLOGS03.ZIP/.EXE (Full kit for Win32s 1.3a Windows Platforms)

You will find kits at the following locations.

          http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~mills

This product is NOT Public Domain. It is my intention to charge a
fee for it (under $50.00 US) in the future. It is currently in ALPHA
(read buggy and incomplete). It will Expire on August 1, 1996. At that
time, or sooner, you can check for newer Kits.

I have not decided if it will be sold as Shareware or otherwise.
I can assure you that some useable form will be network available.
I plan to have very flexible pricing and license policies.

This release is intented to get your feedback and for me to determine
it's marketability. Please read the bug list before using.

I greatly appreciate any feedback.

Part II) New features/bugs fixed:

Version 0.3

   o Changed labeling on many devices for consistency and clarity.

   o BitBucket now has multiple inputs and does not require them
     to be all connected.

   o Random device now allows the seed to be set.

   o Random device now operates much like the counter device.
     It is now clock driven and can be reset.

   o XOR Device added.

   o Help File reworked.

   o File in and File Out devices have been overhauled.

   o Switch, Keypad, and Keyboard events are now automatically
     synchronized with the simulator (one event per cycle).
     Previously you could type or click faster than the simulator
     consumed. You can also "queue up" multiple events while
     paused. A similar Queue will be added to the Port I/O
     devices in the future. This would allow an external device
     to run at real time speeds.

   o You can now Copy, Cut and Paste ALL devices including Wires.

   o Some devices have changed so using old projects might cause
     some problems:

     - This may generate connection errors, so you'll just have to
           rewire these.
     - Some devices might look clipped, just delete them and add them

   o Several new examples and many have been updated to reflect

Version 0.2

   o Pause device is now green and changes to red when triggered
     to identify itself.
   o Win32s Kits now available.
   o Probe can now be enabled when paused.
   o Display Device no longer has White Blocks around letters.
   o Allow Multiple Bitmap devices access to the same bitmap.

Version 0.1

   o Initial Release

Part III) Installation:

ZIP kit

1) Unzip the kit to floppy or scratch directory:


2) Install it:

   C:\> Run SETUP.EXE from File Manager or Exporer

EXE Kit (self extract kit)

1) Unpack the kit to scratch directory:

   C:\> Run MMLOGI03.EXE from DOS

2) Read INSTALL.TXT and follow directions


Part IV) Standard features:

   o TBD

Part V) Recommended usage:

   o Ages 8 and up.

Part VI) Bugs / Missing features / Wish List:

   o OLE Devices.
   o Clock Device.
   o TCP/IP Widget.
   o Auto Scroll (leaves garabage on screen)
   o MultiPage support
   o Auto Tie Off (run partially connected devices)
   o More flexible wire routing
   o Signal Trace
   o DLL support.
   o OLE automation.
   o Replace devices with wires intact.
   o Display and KeyBoard device is not really "Ascii".
   o Display device needs cursor.
   o Display device needs delete key.
   o Need consistent terminology.
   o Undo not implemented.

Part VII) Reporting bugs:

   Report bugs to George Mills:

   compuserv: 71222,452

Part VIII) Minimum/Recommended System Requirements:

   Minimum:     386 with 4meg running Windows 3.x in Win32s Mode.
   Recommended: 486 with 8meg running Windows 95.

Part IX) Related Tools/Kits/Addons:

   Null Modem:    Allows Low Speed connect of two PC's
   Modem:         Allows Remote Connection of two PC's
   LapLink Cable: Allows High Speed connection of two PC's
   Win32s Kit:    Required for Windows 3.x
   Sound Card:    For integrating Sound into your projects.

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