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This example is quite a bit like the PLATE.LGO example.
My "average" function is the core of the "simulation".
It uses information from it's neighbors to determine the cell's
next state. I chose color for the data in each cell it
could be anything you want.

I also chose to use colored blocks to visually represent
the data in each. Conveniently the data WAS color. You can
do anything you want with graphics at each cell, color, line
thickness, Label, BarGraph what ever. There can also be multiple
pieces of information at each cell (like 2 Bars). You also consider
2 independent plots side by side.

Note that the boundary conditions are often where a lot of work
is involved and I cheated (see comments) to avoid complications.
One solution is to "wrap" the grid. For example if your examining cell
[10, 20] of a 20 x 20 grid you look at neighbors [9, 20], [11, 20],
[10, 19] and [10, 21]. But [10, 21] does not exist so you wrap to
[10, 1]. You can use a simple modulus function to do this. I cheated
by making the array bigger than the actual problem. These choices
do effect how well you simulation runs. Some use wrap, some put
special conditions to handle all the boundaries.

To run the example below try:

simulate 20

to average :myarray :x :y
; Average each of the 3 elements in the cell point to by :x :y
localmake "avgitem1 0
make "avgitem1 :avgitem1 + item 1 mditem (list :x   :y  ) :myarray
make "avgitem1 :avgitem1 + item 1 mditem (list :x+1 :y  ) :myarray
make "avgitem1 :avgitem1 + item 1 mditem (list :x   :y+1) :myarray
make "avgitem1 :avgitem1 + item 1 mditem (list :x-1 :y  ) :myarray
make "avgitem1 :avgitem1 + item 1 mditem (list :x   :y-1) :myarray

localmake "avgitem2 0
make "avgitem2 :avgitem2 + item 2 mditem (list :x   :y  ) :myarray
make "avgitem2 :avgitem2 + item 2 mditem (list :x+1 :y  ) :myarray
make "avgitem2 :avgitem2 + item 2 mditem (list :x   :y+1) :myarray
make "avgitem2 :avgitem2 + item 2 mditem (list :x-1 :y  ) :myarray
make "avgitem2 :avgitem2 + item 2 mditem (list :x   :y-1) :myarray

localmake "avgitem3 0
make "avgitem3 :avgitem3 + item 3 mditem (list :x   :y  ) :myarray
make "avgitem3 :avgitem3 + item 3 mditem (list :x+1 :y  ) :myarray
make "avgitem3 :avgitem3 + item 3 mditem (list :x   :y+1) :myarray
make "avgitem3 :avgitem3 + item 3 mditem (list :x-1 :y  ) :myarray
make "avgitem3 :avgitem3 + item 3 mditem (list :x   :y-1) :myarray

; output the average data as a 3 element list cell
output (list :avgitem1/5 :avgitem2/5 :avgitem3/5)

to initarray :gridx :gridy
; Init the array and include one cell below and one cell above
; to simplify boundary conditions. For example if we have a grid
; 20x20 the indices will be 0-21 by 0-21.
; We init the cell with a random Red, Random Green and Random Blue
localmake "myarray (mdarray (list :gridx+2 :gridy+2) 0)
repeat :gridx+2 ~
   make "x repcount-1
   repeat :gridy+2 ~
      make "y repcount-1
      mdsetitem (list :x :y) :myarray (list random 255 random 255 random 255)
output :myarray

to simulate :iterations
local "x
local "y
local "cell
; Define Size of a Plotted Cell
localmake "sizex 10
localmake "sizey 10
; Define the size of the Grid
localmake "gridx 10
localmake "gridy 10
; Init the Grid with Random Colors
localmake "myarray initarray :gridx :gridy
; We only index 1-20 here
repeat :iterations ~
   repeat :gridx ~
      make "x repcount
      repeat :gridy ~
         make "y repcount
         ; Our "simulation" here is simply an average function based on the cell's neighbors.
         make "cell average :myarray :x :y
         ; Update the cell
         mdsetitem (list :x :y) :myarray :cell
         ; Now plot the cell
         setfc :cell
         setxy :sizex*:x :sizey*:y
         bitblock :sizex :sizey


> Hi,

> I'm trying to write the source-code for Conway's Game of Life.
> I'm using MSWLogo.
> I want to use a grid (say 20 x20). How can I:
> a. randomly or at will change the contents of one cell in the grid?
> b. how can the turtle change the contents of the cells while the programming
> is running.

> If any one knows where to find a sample code would also be helpful.
> Thanks in advance
> Harrie

> ---------------------------------------------------------------


The www page contains some very powerful educational software.
Our single most important investment is our kids.

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