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 LOGO-L> Re: microworlds program question-thanks

Thank you Gary, Garry, and Frank for your replies to my question for my student.

I printed out the letters and gave them to him (Ben G.)  He didn't try the
repeat suggestion which looked like a good idea.  He had already tried
stopall.  He did come up with a solution that worked and I think it used
clickon and freeze.  He wrote you a letter:

I am the student that had a problem with a recursive program in MicroWorlds.
I looked over the different ideas that you sent Ms. Griffin. I decided not
to use the exact information but, I got an idea.  I used freeze to stop the
turtles from moving but not stopping the program.  Thanks a lot for your
help with my programs.  This time and in the past.  Sincerely, Ben G.

I have refered to Ben in the past for other programs.  He is one student who
goes beyond my programming abilities quite frequently.  I learn with him.
He is graduating this year.  :<(  

Thanks again,

Debra Griffin

>I need to know more specifics about his project to make a definitive
>prescription, but based on the symptoms, let me suggest the following.

>Recursion is hard to stop and often gets confused with the parallel
>nature of MicroWorlds.

>He may need to rethink how the program works. He may not need recursion
>here at all. If he does need recursion, he could use a counter in it to
>check IF :COUNTER > 8 [STOP page2]

>Otherwise, he could consider using REPEAT 9 [blah blah blah]

>OR... if each turtle is running an instruction, you can use CLICKON to
>start the process and ask [list of turtles] [CLICKOFF PAGE2] to stop them
>and continue on to page2.

>You do not need to use GETPAGE to change pages in MicroWorlds. Just the
>pagename will do as a command unless you need to input a different name
>from time to time as in, GETPAGE :thenameofthepagetheuserwantstogoto

>Hope this helps!


>>An 8th grade student of mine is having difficulty with a program that does
>>something 9 times in a recursive program.  On the 10th time through he wants
>>all the turtles on that page to stop, then he wants to go onto a new page
>>and start those turtles to move.  We can't seem to make this work.  All the
>>turtles on the first page won't stop.  We can go onto page 2 with getpage
>>just fine.  


Mon, 14 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 LOGO-L> Re: microworlds program question-thanks

Sounds like Ben did exactly the right thing. STOPALL is a sledgehammer
and rarely useful.

Have Ben write something for Logo Exchange!


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Mon, 14 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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