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 LOGO-L> 4-sided polygons


Teachers ask on this list for activities of mathematical nature in Logo.

Here's a proposed project, which I ran several times. My students found
it interesting, and I found it valuable:

Let the turtle draw ANY 4-sided polygon. Lets us call the sides by
Now connect the center of a with that of b, then with that of c, then
with that of d, to form a new "median" polygon. What sort of polygon is
this? Can you prove that?

Advanced students may want to program it by themselves (once they
learned RANDOM and SETXY/SETPOS). Other students might receive the full
program from the teacher as a "black box", and run it.

Program it so that each time you hit a key - a new drawing appears. To
terminate push Esc.

Satisfaction guranteed!



Sat, 04 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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