School in heart of tech country teaches without PCs 
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 School in heart of tech country teaches without PCs

They go down Walker Road or Tualatin-Hillsboro Hwy to the West Campus
of OHSU.OGI and attend Saturday Academy robotics classes.

They're really great kids.  All I do is open the door and throw the
cabinet wide open.  I then run around like a chicken with its head
cut off trying to assist in multiple projects.

Once in a while, I bend the rules and have the parents stay in class
to assist their kids.  Or, I extend the class 10-15 minutes so the
parents can come in and enjoy their kids at play.

It was a Swallowtail student who smirked at the TV crew for bothering
her while she was intently working.  It was the best advertising the
class ever got!

:-)  edwin

P.S. -  The kids may not have PCs in school, but they are awefully
computer literate.

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>  School in heart of tech country teaches without PCs

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