LOGO-L> MSWLogo V6.2b is now available 
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 LOGO-L> MSWLogo V6.2b is now available

My wife took over the TV for XMAS shows so I had a little spare time :-)

   o Added for 6.2b, Finally something for the younger programmer.
     You can now use 16 color index OR [Red Green Blue] color vectors
     SETPC 5 or SETPC [255 0 0] are both legal. PENCOLOR, SCREENCOLOR,
     FLOODCOLOR will also output the right thing. If you set any color
     a 16 color index MSWLogo will output all colors as a 16 color
     If you set any color with an [Red Green Blue] color vector MSWLogo
     output all colors as [Red Green Blue] color vectors.

     show pencolor
     [0 0 0]
     setpencolor 5
     show pencolor
     setpencolor [255 0 0]
     show pencolor
     [255 0 0]

   o Added for 6.2a, Fixed performance problem for when a WINDOWCREATE
     DIALOGCREATE exists. When controls such as BUTTONCREATE are in the
     graphics screen MSWLogo will uses a different method for drawing to
     make sure it does not draw on top of the controls. The speed
     will vary depending on the speed of your graphics card. The problem
     here was MSWLogo mistook a WINDOWCREATE or DIALOGCREATE as a
     in the graphics screen and unnecessarily enabled the alternate
     (sometimes slower) drawing mode. If you want blazing speed keep
     controls in seperate windows.


The www page contains some very powerful educational software.
Our single most important investment is our kids.

Fri, 19 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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