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I know there is a place, this sort of thing is done all the time.
There must be some sort of "common" autoexec.bat or something
that the autoexec.bat calls on the net that is in common
or per machine.

Note that if every machine points to F:\WINDOWS\TEMP on the
net you will likely have problems. Each machine needs to have
its own TEMP directory.

Something like:

Machine A needs to define


Machine B needs to define


Machine C needs to define


You might ask in one of the relative news groups like:


F:\Windows\Temp might already be unique per machine depending
on how you have things setup. If you put a file into what TEMP
points at while on Machine A you should NOT be able to see it
what TEMP points at while on Machine B.

If you cannot figure out how to set up the variable to be per machine
you might want to point it to a floppy. But that will require a floppy
in the drive. Or a RAMDRIVE in which 256K would probably be plenty for
MSWLogo (this would be setup in a common CONFIG.SYS).

I know many folks are running MSWLogo on a diskless clients in
a Novell Network it's a frequent question. But most probably
had help knowing where to put the TEMP definition.

There is likely a common CONFIG.SYS as well in order to load
HIMEM.SYS etc. It might be as simple as adding it to F:\AUTOEXEC.BAT
Also try typing SET at a DOS prompt or DOS window on a machine.
There may be an environment variable for the machine name.

You might be able to do something like:


In the common Autoexec.bat


> Thank u for help
> I work  at school  where are 7 machines without local drive.
> We have as server one P.C. 386DX  and Netware version 2.00.
> We don't have an administrator only teachers and i need help.
> I need to know where can i put the follow instruction at netware
> If  u know something about this please send an e-mail to me.
> Thanks again.

George Mills

The www page contains some very powerful educational software.
Our single most important investment is our kids.

Mon, 07 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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