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There is a ton of information in the online help.

Each command has an example.

Also check out \MSWLogo\Examples\Network.

You can communicate over ANY TCP/IP network
(which includes the Internet or modem to modem).
It's little hard over the internet these days
because machines are assigned TCP/IP addresses
on the fly when you log in. One person just needs
an address of the other party to hook up.
I talk more in depth in the help on this.
You could run Netscape NetMeeting or something
in parallel to talk to the other party.

I could draw pictures on YOUR screen realtime
in MSWLogo.

I hope to improve the networking capabilities
in the futire (it's a little clumsy but it works).


> Dear Mr. Mills,
>     I really like your logo program. It's alot better then the version
> for the mac! I was wondering if you could explain a little more to me
> how to use the network features such as... can you use it over the
> internet or even better your modem? How do you send and get the stuff
> from the other computers? anything along these lines would be a great
> help!

> Thanks,
> The Doughboy

> http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~GrapoDoughboy/index.html


The www page contains some very powerful educational software.
Our single most important investment is our kids.

Tue, 04 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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